8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House? Cats are wonderful creatures. For me it is everything. Whether you are expecting a cat or you are wondering if you have everything needed for your cat here are 8 Things that every cat needs in a home.

So Let’s Go!

8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House?


8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House?

The best thing is not to use plastic bowls. As plastic bowls are known to cause cat acne. Also by cleaning the bowl frequently with a sponge it actually causes micro scarring which may be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Instead use a Metal, Ceramic or Glass bowls.

That’s not all, there are 2 types of bowls that I recommend separately for food and water.

  • For food: I recommend that you use a wide opening bowl. For my case, I uses a metal plate because cat whiskers are rather sensitive and if they are eating and touching their whiskers at the same time it might discourage them to eat more.
  • For water: I prefer to have something that have more depth. As it can contain more water. But, also stick to the rule that it is better to have a wide opening bowl.

2. Food

8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House?

The Best thing is to stay away from dry food because it has poorer nutritional value compare to wet food and raw food.

When checking the ingredient list get something with high protein and less carbs. As Cats do not have any essential diet needs for carbohydrate.

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NOTE: As per FDA regulation food are listed from the highest to the lowest amount in ingredient list, so ensure that the few top ingredients in your cat food are from a high quality protein source.

3. Litter Box

8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House?

As for litter box you would want to go BIG. Rule of thumb is that, it has to be at least 1.5x the length of your cat from head to the base of the tail.

Also, best to get an uncovered litter box.

4. Cat Litter

8 Things Every Cat Needs In A House?

Studies has shown that cats prefer something that is more natural like sand base litter and unscented.

Also, ensure that your cat litter have sufficient depth as instructed in the litter packaging. So, as to give your cat more room for digging while using the litter box.

5. Litter Scoop

For litter scoop I prefer to use something big, so that I could scoop more litter and something that is sturdy so that it does not break easily and does not fling litter around

6. Scratcher

Scratching is a cat need and it can be as simple as using a normal cardboard or a cat tree if you could afford it which I highly recommend.

Cat tree not only elevate the cat position it also make them more confident and safe. Also, there are also multiple point of scratching vertical and horizontal.

If you are going for the cat tree option I recommend something that is base heavy. The sturdier it is the better.

Prevent form getting those with ceiling mount or pole extension as it wobbles alot and topples alot.

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7. Carrier

Carriers are an essential during an emergency and a travel to the vet.

Best to get those with the hard plastic. As it is more sturdy and strong for the safety of your cat. And a top opening carrier could be a plus. It help a lot in placing the cat who just refuse to enter the carrier in times of an emergency.

8. Cat Toys

Manual interactive cat toys such as the fishing pole cat toy are more than sufficient.

It help to create a bond between the owner and the cat. And also build the cat confident towards interacting with a human being.

There you have it 8 Things that every cat needs in a home.

Final Words

It is the duty of every human being to take care of every animal weather pet or street animal.

I usually see in many videos on social media where most of the people disrespect animals. It’s not a good thing. I always teach people respect everyone weather elder or younger, black or white, humans or animals.

I give one advice to you i.e only adopt pet if you are responsible other wise, don’t adopt them. The main motive of this blog is to teach people about how they should care a pet cat if they are responsible and want to become good pet parent.



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