Today I will discuss with you about 8 reasons why do we get our cat neutered? This is a very sensitive topic because I will divide this into two groups. Removing the male cat’s reproductive system i.e. testicles is called neutering.

The first group says that you shouldn’t get neutering. The reason behind this is that the animal will stay free because after neutering the animal is unable to mate.

The second group says that you should get neutering because it has some medical benefits. But I will tell you those facts which are medically approved. We will discuss this in detail.

Let’s begin.

8 Reasons Why Do We Get Our Cat Neutered?

8 Reasons Why Do We Get Our Cat Neutered?

When male cats become adults or hit puberty then, they start bugging everyone. Their Testosterone hormones increase and it causes such problems and signs by which the owner often gets annoyed.

What Are Those Signs?

1. Vocalization

Basically, to control noisiness meaning to control vocalization, neutering is done. When male cats are on heat, they often vocalize and they scream and speak loudly and because of that often the owner gets irritated.

2. They Go Outside For Companion

The second reason for neutering your cat is that male cats sometimes go out of the house because they need to mate and need a companion so they tend to go outside.

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3. Spraying

Basically, the animal sprays in different locations. There are some pheromones and a special smell in that spray that attracts female cats and that’s why they spray from place to place.

4. Health Issues

The fourth point is “Health Issues”. Health issues, for this reason, that time to time their food intake gets less. They go into anorexia or stress condition.

5. Litter Problem

Due to the increase in testosterone hormones, there is a hormonal imbalance and usually, they litter outside the litter box or litter tray.

6. Population

The sixth point is “Population”. It is obvious that this is done to decrease the population. The female cat basically breeds thrice a year.

On an average, if we take 4 kittens then a cat can produce 12 kittens a year. So this is done to decrease the population because the stray cat population is increasing day by day and due to this increase they get feeding problems as well.

If they don’t get vaccinated and a viral disease hits, then mostly the kittens die due to environmental pressures.

For example, if it’s very cold then no one is there to take care of them.

7. Cat Fight

Mostly when the male cats are in the puberty stage, they go outside and fight because they have aggression in them due to the testosterone hormones being high. To release that aggression they fight. This is the reason they fight when they go outside.

8. Aggressive Behavior

It’s the same thing that the testosterone hormone will be more, the aggression will be more and ultimately, Because of this fighting, some animals can go into a severe condition.

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As such wounds are produced or due to shock injuries the animal can die.

When you get your male cat neutered?

8 Reasons Why Do We Get Our Cat Neutered?

According to post-operative care, you have to keep it under minor care for 3 to 5 days. If you get the neutering done by a very good vet, then there is very little chance of any post-operative problem occurring, so get the neutering done by a good vet.

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If you want to get your animal neutered then I will suggest and will not suggest neutering because many people think of this process as wrong. It is your own choice.

I just had to tell you the medical facts that which things are thereby which your animal may annoying you.

I hope you have understood these points.


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