7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat. Cats are very special. Now, it becomes much more special than dogs, and 10/6 people feel special for becoming a parent of a cat.

These special creatures (cat) need special care, due to this factor sometimes it is difficult for owners to give them special treatment because of their busy schedule, and makes some mistakes after adopting them.

In this blog, we’re gonna go over the 7+ mistakes cat owners make after adopting a cat

7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat

1. Disciplining Your Cat

7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat

Shouting and physically punishing your cat should be avoided at all cost. The first step to getting your cat to listen to you is by gaining the trust of your cat and building a bond between the two.

When you punish or scare the cat it is just learning to be a friend of you and that the trust between the cat and owner is not being built. Once a trusted bond has been built you can begin using cat toys to distract the captain doing something there it’s supposed to be doing.

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This is an admirable approach to begin educating them to refrain from scratching the carpet our plan would think they’re not supposed to. Patience is crucial during the learning process.

2. Preventing Hair Loss

7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat


Cats are programmed to keep clean and groom themselves daily. When doing so they tend to form hairballs from ingesting large sums of their hair daily.

It is important to prevent them from exhibiting the downfall of hairballs which are diarrhoea and vomiting. By visiting or calling your pet’s vet and asking them for a proper product to prevent this from happening.

3. Permitting Your Cats To Become Overweight

To prevent you can from developing health issues in the future, it is very important to limit their food intake. It is also important to note that on average a 10-pound cat only needs 250 calories to have its daily calorie intake.

Is understandable and extremely easy to overfeed your cat especially if they’re being fed dry cat food because of the amount of calories it has. But giving your cat the proper amount especially if there are only indoor cats can prevent them from suffering in the future.

4. Feeding Your Cat The Wrong Type Of Food

7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat

To keep your cat strong and healthy it is also important to keep track of the type of food they are consuming. Their diet should include as much protein for meat and a lower amount of filler.

watching out for the ingredients in picking out a decent type of food is important when determining and maintaining a healthy cat diet.

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5. Using The Wrong Food And Water Bowl Shape And Size

Whisker fatigue is caused when the cat has repeated daily contact with their whiskers. This then can cause the cat to become stressed and unhappy. When picking out a bowl for your precious pet it is good to note the track sizeable to get for them.

Excessive touching of the food and blow on the cat’s whiskers are not something they will be happy about, and they may refrain from eating or drinking.

6. Having Your Cat On A Dry Food Diet Only

Very rarely do you see a cat devour water unlike a dog? Knowing this it is great to keep this in mind when picking out their food. Dry food is dry although it may be more suitable to dump the food in an automatic dispenser and let it take care of the rest.

It is essential that most of their diet should be of vet variety. It may also be a smart choice to invest in an automatic wet food dispenser.

7. Declawing Your Cat

When one the claws a cat there is a common misconception that only the claws get removed. When in reality their whole bone that is also attached to it is removed as well. There’s a reason why the declawing procedure is starting to become banned throughout the world.

Although it may be convenient for you it is painful for them. Keeping their claws cut regularly and purchasing a cat scratching post to keep their nails tidy and healthy are all great ways to maintain your cat’s nails and avoiding the painful procedure.

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8. Failing To Care For Their Health

7+ Mistakes Cat Owner Make After Adopting Cat

Even though cats are less high-maintenance than other pets. It is easy to believe that even though they’re in their cats they do not need to be seen by the vet or kept up with vaccinations.

Your cat must be treated by time maintenance when it comes to little checkups and vaccinations to keep them healthy.

Refrain from thinking that your cat only needs to see the vet when you’re severely ill.

9. Not  Providing Proper Upkeep Of The Litter Box

Most humans will not use a toilet if it has not been flushed. Same goes for cats. As previously mentioned cats are fairly clean pets and like to remain so.

If you have multiple cats in the household it is recommended that you provide a litter box for each. It is also important to clean the box every morning and every afternoon.


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