6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot? It’s Saturday afternoon, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and you’re on Netflix, watching your favourite show … but something’s missing! And then she shows up! She softly jumps on the couch, looking at you for approval … you nod once, and then, magic!

She’s slowly making herself comfortable on your lap, creating a cosy heat source. The evening just became perfect, but you can’t help but wonder: why does my cat sit on me?

Let’s shed some light on this topic!

I’ll discuss the most common reasons why cats choose us as their resting spot.

Just so you know, I’ll be referring to any cat as “she” because “it” doesn’t sound right to me.

Let’s start!

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot?

1. You’re A Warm Mammal

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot?

Ever noticed how your cat sits on a window, desperately trying to catch every sun ray? Or how she doesn’t seem to mind hot summers that much?

Well, there’s a reason for that: Cats love the heat. Especially the short or medium-haired ones. It’s believed that the ancestor of all domestic cats is the African Wildcat.

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This small but feisty feline lives in the African savannahs and has adapted to its hot climate. Also, the cats’ body temperatures are higher than ours, at about 101 degrees.

So one of the reasons your cat sits on you is because you provide her that extra warmth she seeks.

2. Your Cat Wants Your Attention

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot?

That warm lap of yours is not only a heat source. It also comes with two hands that provide the perfect scratching session for your cat.

Basically, it’s not only a sauna but a massage centre too.  And your little tiger definitely knows this!

Joking aside, when your cat is sitting on you, she’s trying to bond with you. She’s looking for warmth, love, and attention, so make sure to give her that.

3. She Feels Safe

Cats are pretty small creatures and are also prey. It’s natural for them to be cautious all the time, especially when taking a nap. And let’s face it – you’re probably the most humongous being she’s ever seen. Not only this, but you’re her momma too.

So when your cat is taking a nap on you, she’s feeling sheltered and protected. And she’s choosing you as her safe spot.

4. Your Smell Gives Them Comfort

And I’m not talking about the smell you emit after you return from the gym. Even if you can’t sense it, you do have a particular smell.

Your cat knows this and uses it to identify you. A cat’s sense of smell is the primary way she identifies people and objects. And your scent gives her comfort and familiarity.

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So when your cat sleeps on you, it’s because she’s more relaxed that way.

5. Kitty Might Like Your Clothes

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot?

Cats are creatures of comfort – they like warm things but also fluffy things. Now, they also like boxes, but that’s another topic.

So start paying attention to what clothes you’re wearing.

Does your cat sit on you more often after you’ve taken a shower? If so, it means she really likes the texture of your bathrobe!

Make sure to wear comfy clothes frequently if you want your cat on you.

6. Your Cat Wants To Let You Know She Trusts You

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Choose us As Their Resting Spot?

Sitting on you is a meaningful gesture from a cat. It means you’re doing a great job at being a cat parent.

It takes a long time to gain a cat’s trust, as I’m sure you know, and cats don’t just give it to anyone.

By staying on you, your cat is telling you that she loves you and fully trusts you.

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However, bear in mind that not every cat is a lap cat. Often, longhaired cats stay away from laps, as it gets too warm for them.

Additionally, some cats just don’t like laps but it has nothing to do with you. It’s only a matter of preference.

Don’t force your cat into staying on your lap; she’ll only hate it more. Let things happen naturally and respect her wishes. It’s the best way to get along with your cat.

So is your cat a lap cat? Tell me in the comments.

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Why Cats Choose You As Their Resting Spot And Sleeps With You – Youtube Video


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