6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats? Quite different from the standard up and down chewing motion, teeth grinding often occurs at various moments where food is not involved, and unlike chewing teeth grinding often comes with a clicking or popping sound.

Teeth grinding is a symptom of a dental issue in many cases. Any tooth or teeth ailment that promotes pain or jaw dislocation can lead to teeth grinding, as well as excessive saliva production.

Issues beyond dental concerns also include irritable bowel syndrome, neurological concerns, liver problems and kidney failure. As an owner, it’s important to note that teeth grinding is not a core issue but rather a symptom of a larger problem.

Lets come to the topic (6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats?)

6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats?

Teeth grinding is not normal therefore the primary reason or reasons must be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Let’s get started

1. Feline Tooth Resorption

6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats?

The clicking and chattering of your cat’s teeth could be due to this issue. Feline tooth resorption or erosion is a common ailment that affects roughly 30 to 40 percent of healthy adult felines and almost 80% of kittens.

Cats without proper oral care are far more likely to develop this disease.

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2. Gingivitis

This disease affects 70% of cats, ages 3 and up. Cats often grind their teeth due to the pain of gingivitis which causes mouth and gum inflammation. If left untreated gingivitis can be irreversible.

3. Tooth Fractures

Cats are curious creatures while this can have its charm being too curious can get a cat in trouble. Tooth trauma can lead to a tooth fracture.

Trauma can be due to biting a hard substance likely not food or actual trauma. In the form of hard contact with an object. An accidental fall could cause trauma to the mouth thus promoting a fractured tooth because fractures are painful a cat could attempt to grind the tooth in an effort to relieve pain.

4. Feline Stomatitis

6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats?

The disease known as the feline stomatitis is a mouth ailment that causes ulcers to develop on the gums and the mucosal lining of a cat’s mouth.

While felines are known for being able to mask their pain. This condition can be so painful that your cat could cry out or scream during the otherwise basic task of opening of their mouth.

Because these painful ulcers are hard to spot it first behavioral changes will often be the first sign that something is wrong. In addition to teeth grinding a cat can develop what is known as approach avoidance when it comes to food.

If a cat begins to associate food with pain a feline could hiss at food and then run away.

5. Malocclusion And TMJ

The misalignment of a cat’s teeth can create grinding and friction between the upper and lower sets. Some felines suffer from what is known as extrusion. This is where teeth grow abnormally long, this can cause grinding. When teeth are improperly aligned the result can cause pain in the temporomandibular joint also known as TMJ.

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While TMJ is not classified as an oral structure. It is one of the most common reasons as to why cats grind their teeth.

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6. Oral Cancer

6 Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Cats?

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common form of oral cancer found in felines. Adult and senior cats are a higher risk. Although oral cancer can be found in cats of any age.

Quickly growing carcinomas can invade tissue and bone. The grinding of teeth is a symptom along with drooling, bad breath, loose teeth, a visible growth in the mouth, the appearance of a swollen face, swelling along the neck and or under the jaw, bleeding from the mouth and noticeable weight loss.

While the primary cause of this form of cancer is unknown there is a suggestion that secondhand smoke could play a role in the development of squamous cell carcinoma in cats.

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