5 Ways To Enrich your Cat’s Environment: In this blog, we are going to be talking to you about a few ways that you can enrich your indoor cat’s life. A lot of people don’t appreciate or understand the notion that indoor cats can have a very boring life.

It’s really important if you want to help, prevent certain forms of diseases (Diabetes, Urinary Problems, Obesity) and behavioral problems to try and educate yourself and the ways that you can help your cat lead a bit more of a rich life if you will. Want to stress the fact that I’m not advocating for cats to live an outdoor life.

Some cats probably do end up being happier outside, then again you risk the potential issues with encounters with wild animals, having an animal being hit by a car or all kinds of you know Falls and other kinds of traumas, so we have people end up choosing to keep their cat indoors and I don’t think there is anything majorly wrong about that but you just have to be careful especially when living in like a small apartment.

5 Ways To Enrich Your Cat’s Environment

There are ways which you can use to make the environment mimic what the cat’s normal behavior in nature would be

So let’s get started

1. Perching

5 Ways To Enrich Your Cat's Environment

It’s a little cat bed that attaches to the window via small suction cups. Cats love spending most of the day in there. This gives her a chance to see some sunshine, have a view of the city and some birds once in a while. It becomes your cat favorite spots in the apartment.

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5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

This is another type of cat perch which a lot of people like to call a cat tree because that’s kind of what it resembles. This one has a couple of compartments, an upper and a lower one. Cats usually prefer the higher one.

If you like, you also attach a little toy with it. There’s also a couple of scratching posts at the bottom which I think is great when you put that right next to a couch to try and deter the cat from scratching the couch instead you.

2. Toys

5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

When we talk about laser pointer it’s a great toy ever. Most cats do like to play with laser pointers. I think it’s worth a try because it provides them with much-needed exercise when they’re indoors, gives them a chance to chase things, hunt things.

They do get bored with it after a little while but it makes your cat active.

5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

This is another example of a cat toy. It’s my favourite one. It’s just made of cardboard at each end of a wire which I think simulates an insect flying around or a small bird, and I suspect cats don’t visualize the wire itself.

They just kind of are interested in the little object that’s moving around. I’ve given this toy to several friends in the past and all of their cats have been obsessed with it ever since.

The most wonderful thing is your cat doesn’t get bored with it ever. It’s not the prettiest cat toy but truthfully cats don’t care.

3. Feeders

5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

This is the feeding station that I also own for my cat. It has several levels, it’s called a cat maze and is by the brand catit. And by all means not endorsing this brand but I just mention it because they make cool little devices that are making feeding time a little bit more interesting and playful for cats.

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It also will help cats that have a tendency to eat too fast, slow down a bit and eat more healthily. You can probably make your feeding station if you’re crafty you using a cardboard or toilet paper rolls and that sort of thing.

If you have an overweight cat it can be a great way of helping you control his portions.

4.Balcony Access

5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

I love letting my cat go on to the balcony because I think it’s a huge part of her life in the summer and it’s super interesting for her to be able to hear all the city noises, birds and many more things.

Due to this, your furry baby (cat) feel the wind on her face but I do take care and make sure she always wears a harness nowadays because some cats have a tendency of exploring a little bit further than, they should want to jump on the ledge and that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that cats have a concept of how high they are, they don’t and they’ll certainly jump if given the occasion.

5. Learning Tricks

5 Ways To Enrich Yours Cat's Environment

I taught my cat to do tricks a long time ago just basically reinforcing behaviors as she was naturally doing such as reaching for my hand when I had a treated, making that into a high-five as you can see and I also taught her to sit on command that was pretty easy to do as well. You can also use clicker for cats training

She only knows two tricks but you can definitely teach your cat more tricks and it’s a great way to interact with them, bond with them, and stimulate them.

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