3 Things About How Cat Toilet Training Is Harmful? Cat toilet training Is it GOOD? or Is It BAD? At the point when I talk about feline toilet training. I’m referring to felines that are trained to use the human washroom. Not the one that utilizes the feline litter boxes.

If you are planning to toilet train your feline or if your furry baby are toilet trained then its is a very BAD Idea to encourage them to do this! Because a major problem is coming your way, in the near future.

3 Things How Cat Toilet Training Is Harmful?

3 Things About How Cat Toilet Training Is Harmful?

Felines that are toilet trained, will in general face a degree of troubles as they progress throughout everyday life. Here are 3 things that you ought to consider in case you are wanting to toilet train your felines.

1. Cats Natural Intinct


Cats and naturally design to use dirt or sand as a medium of digging when going to Number 1or Number 2. Digging not only cover traces of smell from the predators but, at the same time those digging actually stretch their paws and back to a certain degree. Leaving them comfortable and satisfy .

Think it as the play sequence, when the cat go through a series of needed action leaving them fully satisfy at the end of the day. Reducing any form of related behavior issues.

2. Accident

It is no secret that accident often happen in the bathroom. Accident such as falling and slipping down in the bathroom could be fatal for us humans.

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Sadly, this is also true for our beloved cats. Compare between a cat going to the bathroom and the cat going into the litter box. The cat is much safer going into the litter box compare to the cat going into the bathroom.

As wet ceramic pose a higher risk of accident when the cat is jumping onto the toilet seat. And when the cat is jumping down after going their number 1 or number 2.

3. Issue at The Vet

For those who have visited cat to the vet for any injuries or for any related medical issues then you know that the cat recovery area is very small and confine.

And usually this small and confine recovery area do come with a small pan size litter box.

Cats that are toilet train from a young age or for a very long time do not have the capacity or the know how, on how to use the litter box properly.

More than often, these cats usually make a mess of their selves in this small and confine recovery area. This could affect their recovery process. As their environment become very unsanitary for them.

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Final words

I am the owner of two cats but, i never give them toilet training. I think it’s not a brave thing for owners if there cat use human washroom.

I always appreciate my cat to use litter. I love my cats too much and if accidently they fell in commode it’s a shame on me.

I hope you understand the points and think one’s before giving your cat toilet training.

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