3 Reasons Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden? – The 3 are three primary reasons why cats become so affectionate involves the basic need for love and attention, the desire to have specific needs met such as fresh food and fresh water and finally number three the need for affection during times of stress, anxiety and episodes of high tension.

Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate?

3 Reasons Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden?

Before we tackle each of the mentioned reasons let’s briefly talk about the possibility of illness. While it is common for cats to seek isolation when they are sick, this is not always the case.

Showing sudden affection could be your cat’s personal cry for help, this is especially true if you have a senior cat. As a course of lease regret take your cat to the vet if you’re worried that your felines loving behavior is pointing to a more serious concern.

1. Love And Attention

This one is the most common and is also likely the most easily understood. This occurs when your cat simply wants to be petted and wants to be near you. If you’ve owned a cat for more than a month or two you likely already know the signs of a clinging feline. When a cat is so starved for attention that you can move no more than two or three feet without falling over it, your cat likely has its sights set on you.

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The best way to solve this issue at least in the short term is to simply take a break and engage your cat. If your furry pal is all about the pets then take a 20-minute break and cater to your cat. This will make everyone happy.

2. The Desire To Have Specific Needs

3 Reasons Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden?

The desire for specific needs to be met as soon as your cat becomes affectionate especially if it’s seemingly out of the blue run a quick check. Make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

Lack of fresh food in water could be the reason. Check your cat’s bedding are things not what they should be. These basic checks are very important as they can serve to eliminate your cat’s concerns while also allowing you to go about your business without having your pet meowing at you for a full hour.

Before you simply assume that your cat ones affection make sure that your cat’s desires for attention is not based on lack of essentials such as food and water.

3. The Need For Affection

Your cat could be showing extreme signs of affection due to anxiety, stress, fear etc. More times than not this comes on the heels of sharp changes in the environment. If someone inside your home doing maintenance work.

Is there a lot of hammering taking place? Did the smoke alarm go off? Do you have family over or other guests? Family and guests that your cat has never seen before. How’s the weather? Are you in the midst of a thunderstorm with loads of heavy rain, loud thunder and lights show style lightning? Any and all of these factors can prompt your cat to feel nervous, stressed and generally uneasy.

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How Do You Stop Clingy Affection?

3 Reasons Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden?

This question is really about your personal desires. Do you really want to stop the behavior or simply understand it better? It’s obviously your call. If your cat’s clingy and affectionate behavior is preventing you from enjoying time with your family and/or preventing you from completing tasks such as work or a school project, a bit of tough love and training could be the answer .

The ability to reward your cat for leaving you alone could lead to a positive result. If your cat realizes that doing the right thing in this case giving you positive space, leads to a treat that a new routine could be established.

As a pet owner you always walk a tightrope, while it’s understandable to want your suddenly clingy cat to give you some roof.

Never take bold moves that will anger your cat or potentially turn it against you. Cats need love and affection, so it’s always vital that you come from a place of love and train your cat while still making time for petting sessions and positive attention.

Never avoid your cat because peer avoidance is the worst possible way to handle this situation and it will certainly not solve the issue in a positive manner.


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