13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners? ~ What would a cat lover want as a present? Something functional, something she or he doesn’t own yet, and of course, something pretty. You’re in luck, as today you’ll learn the best gift ideas for cat lovers.

I specifically chose these because even though they’re not a must, they are handy and make a cat’s owner’s life easier. And because they’re not 100% necessary, there’s a high chance your friend doesn’t have them yet, because well…they all cost money. So you can give them as gifts knowing your friend will appreciate them.

Lets cine to the topic 13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners

1. An Automatic Fountain

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

An automatic fountain can keep water fresh for longer and encourage the cat to drink water. They’re especially useful with cats that enjoy playing with water.

If the cat has some kidney problems, drinking the proper water amount will help the cat a great deal. Just make sure your friend is not lazy, as all automatic fountains require periodic cleaning.

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2. A Window Spotter

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

A window spotter is definitely every cat’s dream. Why? Because it allows cats to better monitor the neighborhood, of course!

3. A High-Quality Litter Scooper

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can’t go wrong with this one. While your friend certainly has a litter scooper, it’s most likely a really cheap, plasticky one. This premium litter scooper will not only last a lifetime, but it’s also non-stick, a feature every cat owner appreciates.

4. A Premium Litter Mat

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

Another great idea it’s to get your friend a premium cat litter mat! One that’s more expensive than the regular ones, but does the job without failing!

5. A Very Comfy Bed

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

Your friend’s cat might already have a bed, but it’s probably not as comfortable as this one. If you would like to make the cat happy rather than its owner, this is the way to go.

It even comes in a whole bunch of colors, so that you can match it to your friend’s home design. Just make sure you choose the right size!

6. A Floppy Fish Cat Toy

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

The floppy fish toy is a relatively new one, so your friend may not have it yet. It’s fascinating and will surely get the cat moving, and it’s an affordable gift!

7. A Fancy Backpack For Going To The Vet

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

Your friend will probably have a cat carrier, but it may not be the best-looking one. Going to the vet, it’s undoubtedly every cat’s worst nightmare. While you can’t help the cat with that, you can make her look cool in this fancy backpack.

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These seem good even for big cats, but maybe not for huge ones, so make sure to read the reviews.

8. Cozy Cat Print Socks

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

If you think the backpacks are way too much, you can always go for an affordable yet useful gift: A pair of cat print socks. They not only look cute, but they’re comfortable; You can either choose the regular ones or the winter version.

9. A Nice Book

If your friend is just a cat lover but doesn’t have a cat yet – or if your friend is a happy new cat parent – you can help by buying him or her a cat care book.

You can find tons of books about cat breeds too, but also heartwarming cat stories!

10. An Ingenious Odor Removal Device

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

You can help your friend deal with one of the worst parts of being a cat owner – or at least the smelliest one. Cat poop is a part of every cat owner’s life, but this device will at least take care of the smell.

It’s suited for any litter box, and it’s a gift every cat lover would want.

11. A Sturdy Reusable Cat Hair Removal

Sure, your friend may already have some lint rollers! But let’s be honest, lint rollers don’t look nice.

Also, you must replace them quite often. This cat hair removal, on the other side, is not only pretty, but it’s reusable and does a great job on any surface.

12. A T-shirt Or A Mug For Cat Lovers

If you want to make a fun gift for your friend, you can choose a shirt or a mug with a predefined inscription.

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But if you want the gift to be more personal, you can certainly personalize it too.

13. A Cat Wine Or A Cat Ice Cream

13 Best Christmas Gifts For Cat Owners?

Now I know what you may think; is wine safe for cats? Nope, but this type of wine is specially made for cats, containing no alcohol.

It’s made out of a fine combination of catnip infused water and a little bit of oil.

The ice cream is also entirely made for cats, even though it’s not your typical ice cream. Anyway, I think any of them would make an extraordinary gift and a unique one!

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Final Words

All the above gifts are useful for every cat owner and easy to afford but if you are confused and thinks which one is best then for me the first one is super cool.

I think it’s a good gift and helps your friend cat to remain healthy.


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